Robbins Gioia helps clients succeed. With customized, scalable solutions we assist clients with their most complex, highly visible programs and ensure that they are aligned to their missions and strategies.

RG brings deep government and commercial experience, proven methodologies, and talented, committed professionals to bear on the most challenging situations.

Legacy Systems Modernization

Robbins Gioia provides our Government and Industry customers a capability to design and manage the implementation of a cost and schedule controlled, high-performance modernization of legacy systems.

From assessing requirements for change and defining the business/mission outcomes required, and assessing the "as-is" architecture and its specific shortfalls, we provide our customers a baseline for system performance changes absolutely necessary to meet the mission or business needs.

We then apply a portfolio design approach to pick the right path to modernization based on customer systems and data architecture. Using our cutting edge Enterprise Architecture solution design approach, we then create a "to-be" architecture / system balancing cost, schedule, and performance while addressing people, processes, and technology program implementation risks up front.

This approach allows our customers to selectively modify legacy systems, providing near term performance improvements meeting overall critical mission needs while minimizing cost and schedule.

Intelligent Cyber Security

Robbins Gioia helps our customers fundamentally improve their cyber security programs by providing an increased understanding of vulnerability and risks, as well as a greater clarity regarding the policies, practices, and investments needed to strengthen and enforce enterprise security compliance.

Threats of unauthorized access into an organization's core systems and critical data are constantly evolving and ever growing in number. Vulnerabilities due to technical and administrative deficiencies in an organization's cyber security posture create easy attack paths, which can lead to significant security breaches and impact business. Organizations are investing heavily in cyber security tools, yet continue to fall victim to damaging cyber-attacks. A comprehensive, well-developed cyber risk management strategy is critical. Such a strategy prioritizes security efforts and investments and ensures the security program aligns with an organization's goals and needs.

To identify and prioritize shortcomings in skills, processes, and technology, we perform a comprehensive organizational assessment of customer cyber security programs and risk posture. Our approach addresses all required levels of an organization and its assets improving the robustness of the organizational technology architecture. We help organizations define the capabilities, policies, and practices needed to improve their cyber security infrastructure and programs with deliverables that include documentation of all critical elements required to strengthen security processes, improve technical security architecture, and optimize the effectiveness of an overall cyber security program.

Innovation and Technology Transfer

Robbins Gioia invests in providing our Government, Industry, and Academic customers with a capability for incubation, investment, and transfer of technology to solve mutual needs. These innovations help provide Government, Industry, and Academic customers solutions that further advance the technology for both Government and commercial use.

As part of the innovation process, Robbins Gioia provides: identification of opportunities, an understanding of both needs and capabilities, facilitation of partnerships, concept and proposal development, cutting edge solution design, and implementation program/project management for those customers who do not have the needed capability and infrastructure to meet program requirements.

Program and IT Management

Whether a Major DoD 5000.02 program, a DoD 5000.74 Services program, a Civil Agency program, or a Commercial program designed to solve critical mission/business needs, all are driven by cost-schedule-performance and the principles of program risk management. For a fully successful program, these principles must be applied from the earliest development of requirements, through acquisition and operations, to program close-out.

In 1980 our founders, both career Government Program Managers, decided the best way to continue to serve their country was to create a specialized firm delivering Program Management services to Government and Industry. They shared a vision. Apply best practices to managing cost, schedule, and performance—including active management of risks associated with defining and executing these programs. Today, Robbins Gioia's Program Management professionals use proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to help our clients in government and industry implement low risk, customized solutions achieving mission-critical business goals.

Production Planning and Control

Robbins Gioia provides our customers the capability to design, implement, improve and operate complex Production Planning and Control (PP&C) systems across areas such as maintenance work requests, depot resource forecasting, cost production performance, facility equipment maintenance, and automated resource scheduling. Our capabilities include the application of LEAN, Six Sigma, Critical Chain and Critical Path Program Management, as well as the application of Theory of Constraints to our customers' most challenging Production Planning and Control needs.

Additionally, since the inaugural release of our CAT® platform in 1985, Robbins Gioia has provided market leading program management scheduling technologies to Federal and State Governments as well as select commercial customers and markets. Today, with more than 40 active implementations across R&D, production, and fault tolerant networks, the Jaguar® Family of Advanced Scheduling Tools (JFAST), (JCAT2020, Jaguar®, and CCPM+) remain the definitive system(s) of record for enterprise scheduling for our customers' complex Production Planning and Control needs.

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